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The people make the story! Read on to discover more about the people and programs that we support.

Supporting the Bow Valley


May 14, 2024

From traditional academic pursuits like math and science, to mastering the Stoney language and learning from the lived experience of Elders, a deep-rooted connection to the land is permeating every facet of the learning experience for about 900 students at Mînî Thnî Community School and Nakoda Elementary School.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

Banff Elementary School’s surreal Journey into art and self-expression

April 8, 2024

Banff-based artist Mindy Johnstone and Megan Jenniex, a Success Coach with Right from the Start (RFTS), are undertaking a unique educational initiative at Banff Elementary School (BES). In partnership with artsPlace, and the Canadian Rockies Public School’s Right from The Start (RFTS) program, the Right from the HeART program aims to broaden students’ horizons, encouraging them to explore the limitless possibilities of creativity and self-expression.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

Grade three students Embark on Artistic Journeys of Kindness and Imagination

March 28, 2024

In a fusion of creativity and compassion,  87 grade three students at Elizabeth Rummel School in Canmore have been exploring the impact of kindness through an innovative art program called Right From the HeART that partners artsPlace, Right from The Start (RFTS), and Canadian Rockies Public Schools.

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Supporting the Bow Valley


March 19, 2024

Supported by a $35,000 donation from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation, the program will equip burgeoning photographers with cameras and darkroom facilities.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellness from Within: A Collaborative Approach

February 14, 2024

Generous funding from the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation has allowed Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) to employ “boots on the ground” services to provide responsive mental health supports and timely, accessible assessments and professional learning services to schools.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

Empowering youth through leadership development, confidence building, and community engagement

December 1, 2023

“Support from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation allows us to offer year-round land-based sports, activities, and a Youth Leadership programming to Indigenous children and youth in the Bow Valley,” said Beckie Scott, Founder and CEO Spirit North.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

$36,000 to empower young leaders in the Bow Valley through innovative leadership program

October 31, 2023

The Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) launched its inaugural Grade 7 Leadership Program in September, a transformative initiative designed to cultivate valuable leadership skills and inspire young leaders throughout the Bow Valley.

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Supporting the Bow Valley

Supporting Bow Valley sports clubs, building community and empowering youth

August 1, 2023

The positive outcomes of physical activity can significantly contribute to the development of thriving communities, especially among young people. However, the costs associated with youth sports can impose a considerable financial burden on families planning to participate in these programs.

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CYAN 2023 Story

Fostering a secure local food system in the Bow Valley

June 29, 2023

Working hand in hand with over 40 local organizations, the BVFA is deeply committed to addressing food security and promoting food sovereignty. While food security ensures access to an adequate food supply, food sovereignty empowers communities to shape their own sustainable, culturally relevant, and socially responsible food systems.

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CYAN 2023 Story

Securing shelter for the homeless during the coldest nights of the year

June 19, 2023

“We are deeply grateful for the support from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation. This partnership means we can continue and expand our services, maintain momentum, and remain a sustainable and much-needed resource for the community. We hear it from our clients on a daily basis: this funding helps change lives – that’s truly impactful,” said Jessica Klaric, Executive Director of HSBV.

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CYAN 2023 Story

Supporting social connectivity and empowerment for young adults in Canmore.

May 25, 2023

The Canmore Young Adult Network (CYAN) is designed to build meaningful social connections between young adults aged 18-35 by providing a opportunities for networking, social engagement, and affordable, active recreation. These connections help to combat social isolation, enhance well-being, and cultivate a strong support network. The Wim and Pauw Foundation donated $5,000 for CYAN to increase their programming.

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Star 6 Ranch

Donation supports early childhood education at Banff Child Care Centre

April 19, 2023

Financial support from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation is helping fill the gap. A recent donation of $15,000 gives the Banff Child Care Centre the additional funding they need to offer their top-tier services and ensure the kids and families continue to have an enriching and fun educational experience.

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Star 6 Ranch

Pauw Foundation supports specialized resources for Canadian Rockies Public Schools

February 14, 2023

A $160,000 annual financial commitment from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation is addressing the challenge by helping support two full-time positions: a School and Family Wellness worker and a Divisional Psychologist.

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Star 6 Ranch

Unique experiential learning programs on the Star 6 Ranch connect youth with nature and the environment

November 21, 2022

“Horses act as a mirror for humans—reflecting our anxieties, insecurities, but also our strengths,” says Vance. “Spending time in their presence, forces us to slow down, ground ourselves, become centered in heart, body and mind, reconnect with our breath and listen.”

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Bow Valley Food Alliance


September 8, 2022

Established as an independent non-profit society in 2020, the Bow Valley Food Alliance (BVFA) was created to address issues surrounding the availability of affordable, fresh, and healthy food. With a focus on ensuring sustainability, the Alliance was designed to foster Valley-wide relationships that would form the foundation of a secure food system to support the long term needs of the entire community.

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École Notre-Dame des Monts

Making outdoor health and wellness a daily priority for students at Canmore’s École Notre-Dame des Monts

May 17, 2022

A $15,000 donation from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation will help ensure all students at ENDM have access to outdoor learning opportunities that promote fitness, an active lifestyle and mental wellness.

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Pauw Supports Spirit North

Spirit North: supporting Indigenous youth through sport and outdoor play

May 5, 2022

Spirit North has a powerful mandate: engage the power of land-based activities to empower Indigenous youth. A recent $70,000 donation from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation will help the Canmore-based organization build capacity to continue this mandate by increasing the number of programs they can offer.

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Wellness through the arts

Wellness through the arts

April 27, 2022

artsPlace artist collaborates with Right From The Start Success Coach to teach visual arts lessons helping students understand mental wellness concepts

“Nature has its different seasons and cycles, just like people do,” says Artist Libby Amber Pryor.

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Take Me Outside

Take Me Outside connects classrooms with the great outdoors

April 21, 2022

Colin Harris thinks everyone, especially students, should spend more time outdoors. Harris is the founder and executive director of Take Me Outside (TMO), an organization focused on raising awareness on the importance of outdoor learning and connecting kids with nature.

In 2011, he went as far as launching the organization by running 7600 km across Canada and visiting 80 schools along the way.

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Nakoda Outdoor Program

Supporting intergenerational land-based learning at Nakoda Elementary School with new outdoor program

March 24, 2022

In Fall 2021, the grade four teachers at Nakoda Elementary School (NES) wanted to find a way to spend as much time outside with their students as possible.

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What's for Dinner

Support for the Community during the COVID 19 Crisis


The Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation has responded to a number of direct response initiatives to support our community during the covid pandemic.

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Nature Explorers

Seeking Out Wildflowers, Forest Critters and Beaver Tales

October 5, 2018

Grade one Nature Explorers take their learning out to the trails of Kananaskis

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Nature Explorers

Nature Explorers tackle crime investigation and wildlife tracking, all in the name of science

September 12, 2018

Nature Explorers, in Banff National Park takes classroom learning outside

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Box Valley Kidsport

Youth Sport Across Banff & Canmore Hits Another Home Run

June 1, 2018

Bow Valley KidSport Receives $15K Boost to Get Even More Local Kids Moving

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Mountain Adventurers

The Making of Mini Mountain Adventurers

May 7, 2018

Meet the Passionate Team Guiding the Next Generation of Banff’s Outdoor Enthusiasts – With a Fun Packed, Kid – Approved Approach to Getting Active Outdoors.

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True Sport Principles

Pauw Foundation Profile: True Sport Principles in Action at Rundle Mountain Cycling Club

March 5, 2018

Bow Valley racers cycling to greatness, on and off the bike.

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Meet Reed and Ty: Twin brothers carve camaraderie, not competition

January 24, 2018

Canmore’s up-and-coming cross-country skiing stars, Reed and Ty Godfrey, have the unusual luxury of a best friend, top-level teammate, and sibling, all in one.

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Banff Canmore Speed Skating

Fun in the Fast Lane: Banff Canmore Speed Skating Club

February 13, 2018

While the name of the sport may suggest it’s all about speed, having fun and building confidence on the ice come first at Banff Canmore Speed Skating Club.

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Heidi Widmer

Behind the Finish Line – Heidi’s Story

February 23, 2018

Reflecting on a Decade of Competing at the Top, Smashing Personal Goals, Bouncing Back, and the Sometimes-Harsh Realities of Life as a Professional Athlete

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Get Outside

Banff Elementary Students become Stars of the Big Screen

December 22, 2017

Toboganning film ‘To The Top’ premieres at Banff’s Lux Cinema to ‘Sold Out’ crowd

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Giving Back

Giving Back to Banff at Christmas Time

December 21, 2017

Cathy Geisler, Pauw Foundation Fund Director, was delighted to spread the festive cheer, delivering $40,000 worth of cheques to local organisations this holiday season, for a total of $225,000 of funding in 2017.

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Nikolas Worobey

Meet Nikolas: Young Banff Freeskier Reaches for New Heights

November 10, 2017

As a rising star in Banff’s freeskiing scene, you’d be right to guess that 16-year-old Nikolas Worobey has been on the snow from a young age. But he admits that his passion took some time to develop.

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Audrey Hebert

Meet Audrey Hebert: Freeride Snowboarder Making Her Mark for Banff

November 8, 2017

From Alaska to France, and Switzerland to Hakuba, pro-snowboarder Audrey Hebert has experienced seriously memorable powder days in some of the world’s top snow destinations. But in her eyes, nothing compares to the powder, scenery and close-knit community back home in the Canadian Rockies.

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Leadership Course

Behind The Scenes of Banff Elementary School’s Grade 7 Leadership Course

November 6, 2017

For the class of Banff Elementary School’s Grade 7s, the morning of Tuesday September 12 started a little differently than a usual school day – but this wasn’t your typical day of learning in the classroom.

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Desmond Young

Meet Desmond Young: Young Banff Curler Going the Distance

October 17, 2017

Like many young people in the Bow Valley, seventeen-year-old Desmond Young has a passion for sport.  But, it might come as a surprise that his favourite isn’t skiing, climbing or mountain biking – it’s curling.

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Canmore Illustions Gymnastics Club

Canmore Illusions Gymnastics Club

September 26, 2017

Entering the large gym space we were greeted by a group of young gymnasts stretching, warming up and working through their conditioning exercises.

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Eva Poidevin

Eva Poidevin

July 27, 2017

Eva Poidevin, 17, is peddling her way to national biking stardom.

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Education Scholarship

Local students set to broaden their horizons by combining travel and study this summer

July 11, 2017

These two bright Grade 11 students are packing their suitcases and getting ready to say goodbye to Banff for four weeks – they’re both taking month-long study and travel programs as part of their summer break.

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Banff High School Students

Banff High School Students take on Artist Interview Assignment for Dual Credit Program

June 2017

From his Canmore studio and gallery, Canadian Artist Jason Carter met with six enthusiastic Grade 11 students from Banff High School.

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 Families, Time Out Don’t Take The Play Out of Playtime

Families, Time Out
Don’t Take The Play Out of Playtime

June 2017

Meet Aaron Sands; Dad, Husband, Banff local, and former full-time athlete.

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What it Takes

June 12, 2017

Banff locals, Michelle Locke and Audrey Hebert, have become two of the Bow Valley’s most inspiring examples of home-trained talent taking on the world of competitive snowboarding at the highest level, but getting a footing on those winner podiums is no easy feat.

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Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation