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Youth Sport Fund

True Sport Youth Fund

The Pauw Foundation True Sport Youth Fund was launched in 2016 to assist Bow Valley youth recreation organizations and clubs with annual financial support.  This year a new partnership between the Pauw Foundation,  True Sport Foundation, and our local Bow Valley True Sport & Recreation Council will oversee the delivery of this sport funding.  The 2022 application deadline is April 8, 2022, with $35,000 earmarked to non-profit sport and recreation organizations throughout the Bow Valley.

The Pauw Foundation True Sport Youth Fund will review applications submitted by not-for-profit community sport organizations that have developed or are developing strategies to increase inclusion and accessibility of sport to youth in the community and that exemplify the seven True Sport Principles of Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone, Give Back. The True Sport Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that is committed to ensuring that sport makes a positive contribution to Canadian society by advancing the benefits or values-based and principle-driven sport in Canada.

 Meet our True Sport Youth Fund clubs

Youth Sport and Recreation Clubs

Download Application

If your organization meets the following criteria, please download the application and email the completed forms to

To be considered eligible for funding consideration organizations must:

  • offer sport, activity, and recreational amateur programs for youth 17 and younger
  • be a registered not-for-profit organization
  • be based in the Bow Valley with the majority of programming targeted towards Bow Valley youth residents
  • be a member of True Sport and demonstrate a commitment to the True Sport Principles
  • have stable financial practices
  • provide inclusive accessibility and have the ability to accommodate a broad base of the youth population
  • commit to providing one digital True Sport story during the season; to be collated with the help of Pauw Foundation if required; that demonstrates the importance of one True Sport principle or highlights the value of including all 7 True Sport Principles within your programming

If your club needs assistance to ensure your application meets the eligibility criteria, please contact the folks at Bow Valley True Sport & Rec Council:

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