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Giving Back to Banff at Christmas Time

Lights are twinkling, carols are sounding, and holiday cheer is in the air!


This festive season, we’re jingling along our snow-lined streets to deliver some special gifts – and these presents are very well deserved.


Cathy Geisler, Pauw Foundation Fund Director, was delighted to spread the festive cheer, delivering $40,000 worth of cheques to local organisations this holiday season, for a total of $225,000 of funding in 2017.


These funds were warmly received between Canadian Rockies Public Schools, Banff Canmore Community Foundation, Banff Child Care Centre, and Town of Banff, to support their vital work.

“Our goal is to contribute to a more active, vibrant community, with a focus on youth, education and community-building,” Cathy says.


“Every day these groups make our town an even better place to live. They are creating programs that are affordable and inclusive, especially for families, and promoting ways for people to be active.


“Their work makes a vital contribution to our community, and we want to help them to be sustainable. We’re proud to support them and give back.”


On behalf of the Pauw Foundation and Banff Lodging Co., we warmly wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

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“Supporting a more active, vibrant, happy community of Banff”