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Pauw Foundation Granting Stories

Active Lifestyles

Bow Valley KidSport

Bow Valley KidSport

$15,000 Donation                   2018
$10,000 Donation                   2017

Bow Valley KidSport is a local non-profit organization with a mission that all kids have the opportunity to participate in sport, regardless of financial limitations. KidSport fundraises to provide registration grants to local families, ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines. As this mission aligns wholeheartedly with Wim & Nancy’s vision that everyone has a chance to play, the Pauw Foundation makes an annual donation as the anchor sponsor of the Bow Valley chapter of KidSport.

Basement Youth Drop-In

Town of Banff Basement Youth Drop-In

$10,000 Annually                   2017 – 2018

Where do teens love to hang out? In The Basement, of course. Located in the basement at the Banff Canmore Community Foundation Building, The Basement offers an active drop-in space for teens. There are musical instruments and a recording studio, shuffle board, foosball, board games, karaoke, homework stations, and more. Run by the Town of Banff youth workers, students have an open invitation to drop-in and hang out each day after school. Even snacks are provided! The Pauw Foundation sponsors The Basement programming, including monthly excursions  that promote recreational activities.

Mountain Adventurers

Town of Banff Mountain Adventurers Out of School Program

$16,000 Annually                   2016 – 2017 – 2018

When the Town of Banff Child & Youth Department recognized a care need for Banff kids in the Grade 4 to 6 range, Pauw Foundation stepped in to help create a unique alternative to traditional out of school care programming. These kids, getting too old for traditional care programs, but not quite ready to be completely independent while parents work during Half Day Friday afternoons, can now participate in the new Mountain Adventurers outdoor, mountain activity Friday afternoon program. Pauw Foundation partnered with Town Youth workers to establish this Pauw- funded program ensuring that kids are supervised in outdoor, active, mountain recreation activities.

Pauw Foundation Youth Sport Fund for Bow Valley Recreation and Sport Clubs

$35,000 Donation                   2018
$25,000 Committed               2017
$20,000 Committed               2016

Launched in 2016, The Pauw Foundation Youth Sport Fund was set up to help Bow Valley youth sport organizations with financial support. Recognizing that community sport organizations work very hard to maintain a balance of quality programming and affordability, the Pauw Youth Sport Fund aims to provide annual funding support to help offset the various costs associated with running a not-for-profit club.

Enhancing Education

Banff Elementary School Athletics

$8,000 Donation                    2018

In 2018, an extracurricular sport program was introduced at Banff Elementary School. BES Bear ‘Cubs’ have the opportunity to participate in cross country running, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Teams will participate against other Bow Valley schools, and may have the chance to participate in regional tournaments. To ensure students have the chance to participate in sport without imposing a new financial burden to families, the Pauw Foundation has committed to funding all extracurricular sport fees at Banff Elementary School.

Banff Elementary School Nature Explorers

$30,000 Donation                    2018
$25,000 Donation                    2017

At Banff Elementary School, every class from Kindergarten to Grade 6 receives enhanced learning monthly, by taking their classroom learning, to the outdoors. Nature Explorers is a CRPS learning initiative developed to enhance in-class learning with complementary outdoor lessons.

Banff Community High School Outdoor Education
Banff Community High School Outdoor Ed 2013

Outdoor Education

$75,000 Donation                  2018
$45,000 Donation                  2017
$20,000 Donation                  2016
$15,000 Donation                  2015
$10,000 Donation                  2014
$15,000 Donation                  2013

The Outdoor Education Program was reintroduced at Banff Community High School in September 2013 with a $15,000 donation from the Pauw Foundation. With course offerings from both BCHS and the school division lead Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre, BCHS students can participate in a Junior High level semester-long introductory outdoor course, and Senior High level optional 3-day to 5-day courses that specialize in Water Experience, Winter Travel, Back Country Camping, Wilderness Inspired Leadership Development, and more. The Pauw Foundation support of Outdoor Education helps with gear and equipment purchases, program development, and ensuring that participation fees for Bow Valley students are kept at an affordable amount.

Banff Elementary School Outdoor Persuits

Banff Elementary School Outdoor Pursuits

$16,000 Annually                   2015 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018


The Banff Elementary School Outdoor Pursuits program ensures that every BES student is exposed to active pursuits which represent our mountain community, from skating to downhill skiing, to climbing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. This program ensures that more than 375 students have outdoor learning opportunities over a 4 week period each year. Many students may be introduced to winter conditions and mountain sports for the very first time through this program. The Pauw Foundation donation of $16,000 ensures that Outdoor Pursuits is available to all families at minimal to no cost. This program perfectly aligns with the Foundation vision that Banff will be a happier and healthier community.


Banff High School Volleyball

Banff Community High School Athletics

$30,000 Donation                  2018
$25,000 Annually                   2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

The Pauw Foundation commitment to supporting active and healthy lifestyles is the cornerstone of our decision to support BCHS athletics. Youth sport is not only fun, it’s also plays such an important role in positive growth for kids. Unreasonable costs associated with participating in Banff school sports are a reality due to our location and size. The Pauw donation of $25,000 towards BCHS Athletics is intended to reduce the cost of school sports by up to 50%, a significant financial consideration for many Banff families. We want to contribute to the elimination of financial costs as a barrier to kids getting active.

Pauw Programs

Cdn Rockies Public Schools – Dual Credit Program

$9,000 Annually                     2014 – 2015

The Program, in partnership with Bow Valley College, saw the students apply some hands-on work experience with the senior management team of Banff Lodging Co., over a period of six weeks.  As a supporting partner of the High School Dual Credit program, Banff Lodging Co. welcomed their Grade 11 recruits to become part of the hotel’s launching strategy; taking hard hat tours to understand the final stages of the hotel’s construction, meeting key Directors of the company, and contributing to Marketing discussions, guest experience brainstorms, and touring the hotel with The Moose Hotel & Suites General Manager, Peter DuBeau.

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Community Building

Banff Community Foundation

Community Champion Investment – Banff Canmore Community Foundation

$10,000 Annually                   2015 – 2016 – 2017    

Pauw Foundation works closely with Lorraine and the Board at the Banff Canmore Community Foundation year round. We have the highest respect for the amazing work and energy that BCCF commits to building a stronger, smarter, and healthier Bow Valley. When BCCF was looking for community leaders to jumpstart the new Community Investment Partnership Program, Pauw Foundation stepped forward with a 3-year, $10,000 per year donation. This program supports BCCF’s annual community grants initiatives, funding a wide range of organizations representing various needs across our communities.

Banff Child Care Centre

Banff Child Care Centre

$6,000 Annually                     2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017

Annually, Pauw Foundation supports the Banff Child Care Centre. Where would our community be without affordable, reliable, safe and loving child care solutions? We make an annual donation to help keep a sustainable child care centre running so our family employees can love their jobs without the stress of worrying about how their babies are spending their days!

Banff Senior Adaptive Bike

Banff Mineral Springs / Town of Banff Seniors Adaptive Bike

$14,000 Donation                  2016

When Banff Mineral Springs Hospital physiotherapist, Annie Tredray, determined that hospitalized seniors deserved more fun and better access to mobilization, she researched an adaptive bike and started a fundraising campaign. The one of a kind bike and trailer model, allows seniors, with a guide, to be buckled into their seat, to pedal or not depending on mood and ability, and features higher handle bars for natural body positioning. It will improve mobility, socialization and most importantly, allow disabled seniors to keep a level of activity outside. Pauw Foundation quickly committed a $14,000 donation to the project, which was leveraged with many other community partners to purchase the bike.

Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain / Loppett Tracksetting Snowmobile Replacement

$5,000 Donation                    2015

A hardcore group of local volunteers, for many years, have committed to trackset and maintain cross country trails around Banff. These cross country enthusiasts put hours into ensuring the Banff to Lake Louise Loppett trail remains in great shape for the annual Loppett race, and for ongoing cross country enjoyment through the winter. Three years ago, this group formed an alliance with Parks Canada and the Town of Banff to establish cross country trails at the Tunnel Mountain Campground. These new trails bring an easily accessible, novice-rated trail system to cross country enthusiasts. They’re close enough to Banff to fit in a lunch time ski, and even have lighting for evening adventure! When the need for a new tracksetting snowmobile was discovered, Pauw Foundation skied up with a donation of $5,000 for the purchase. This ensures that this wonderful volunteer group has the equipment required to continue maintaining these new trails and keeping cross country skiers moving on this great new trail system.

Flood Trail Stewardship

Banff Community Foundation After the Flood Trail Stewardship Fund

$10,000 Donation                  2013

Just as the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation was preparing to announce its first ever community donations, the Bow Valley and Southern Alberta was hit by catastrophic flooding which damaged homes, businesses and area infrastructure. Immediately, the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation recognized the damage done to area trails, natural public areas, and backcountry infrastructure. A donation of $10,000 was made to kick-start the Banff Community Foundation’s After the Flood Trail Stewardship Fund, a fund committed to rebuilding these important pathways and restore access to public lands in Banff National Park. A quick partnership with the Banff Community Foundation and Parks Canada had volunteers into groups, wheelbarrows and equipment purchased, and repairs and restoration started at Lower Bankhead, Fenland Trail, Cascade Ponds and the Legacy Trail.

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