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Wim & Nancy Pauw

Wim & Nancy are avid outdoors people. They love to ski, bike, hike, travel on their bikes, and Nancy trains to compete in triathlons. Wim & Nancy met while cycling on a 3,100 mile trans-continental trip from the east coast to the west coast of the US. They believe in a simple lifestyle, with healthy body and mind choices, and encourage people to pursue travel and adventure, to help broaden compassion and perspective.


Wim moved to Canada from Holland in 1969, earning a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Manitoba in 1969. His travels took him to the Northwest Territories for a summer season, after which he hitch hiked south, landing in Banff for a ‘brief stay’. Falling in love with the Bow Valley, Wim worked as a front desk agent at the YWCA, a lift operator at the Banff Gondola, and an electrician with Henry’s Electric. Wim eventually made his fortune building a successful hospitality company in Banff, Alberta. Wim credits his business success to hard work, efficient management, and a bit of good luck.


Wim & Nancy believe in community. Their goal is to maintain 100% reinvestment of their business profits back into the community of Banff, through commercial reinvestment, support of community organizations and initiatives, and philanthropic efforts through the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation. Wim & Nancy believe in the integration of cultures, fair and accessible opportunities for all, and embracing the range of activities that are available in our unique mountain community of Banff.

Wim & Nancy Pauw Via Ferrata
Wim Pauw at Vermillion Lakes
Wim & Nancy ski touring
Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation Logo

“Supporting a more active, vibrant, happy community of Banff”