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Eva Poidevin

July 27, 2017

Eva Poidevin, 17, is peddling her way to national biking stardom.  As a recent recruit to the Pauw Foundation’s Youth Sport Fund Squad, and a long-term member of Rundle Mountain Cycling Club [tag RMCC], she’s training hard and competing in both Road and Mountain Biking.

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Local students set to broaden their horizons by combining travel and study this summer

July 11, 2017

Meet Rosie and Kate.  These two bright Grade 11 students are packing their suitcases and getting ready to say goodbye to Banff for four weeks – they’re both taking month-long study and travel programs as part of their summer break.

Rosie and Kate were both recipients of the 2017 ‘Pauw Scholarship for Embracing Our Multi-Cultural World’, awarded by the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation.

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Banff High School Students take on Artist Interview Assignment for Dual Credit Program

June 2017

From his Canmore studio and gallery, Canadian Artist Jason Carter met with six enthusiastic Grade 11 students from Banff High School.  The reason? They were on a key reporting assignment, to get to know the artist behind the work which features in the rooms and suites of The Moose Hotel & Suites – as part of their Dual Credit Business Program in Entrepreneurialism.

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Families, Time Out
Don’t Take The Play Out of Playtime

June 2017

Meet Aaron Sands; Dad, Husband, Banff local, and former full-time athlete. Aaron, as you’d expect from his former athlete status, is forever seeking out the next chance to hit the trail, ski run, or bike loop circuit, and get his heart racing; his love of sports and the outdoors runs through his veins.

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What it Takes

June 12, 2017

Banff locals, Michelle Locke and Audrey Hebert, have become two of the Bow Valley’s most inspiring examples of home-trained talent taking on the world of competitive snowboarding at the highest level, but getting a footing on those winner podiums is no easy feat.

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